Cheese cake with apricots

112 - 90 минут -

Offer you, my friends, to cook this wonderful cake with bold cheese taste. Light acidity to give a cupcake apricots. Your family and friends will appreciate this recipe.

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Ingredients for Cheese cake with apricots

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese cake with apricots

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Before you start making cottage cheese and egg mass, cheese is a must! to wipe through a metal sieve to give the cheese a uniform fine consistency.

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So be prepared to look for baking cupcakes cheese. The structure is homogeneous, fine. Add in cheese and 1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar.

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Next, add the eggs (3 PCs.). Cottage cheese - egg mixture, knead well.

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Add 2 tbsp. spoons of semolina grains.

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Next, add sugar (250 gr.)

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Butter (100 gr.) melt over low heat, add in cottage cheese mixture melted butter. Cottage cheese mixture, knead well.

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In the total amount of flour (290 g.) add soda (1 teaspoon no slides). The dry ingredients stir.

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Apricots cut into slices/pieces. Add apricots to the dry ingredients.

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Cottage cheese and oil mixture to combine with the flour and apricots. Dough gently knead.

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Forms for baking cakes grease with butter, sprinkle with flour. To make "a French shirt" rotating form. Remains of flour to bulking.

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In forms to spread the prepared dough by filling in forms on 2/3. Then send the form in a preheated t165-170S oven. Bake until dry kindling. In my case a small form with a cottage cheese dough was baked for about 40 minutes, most around 70 min.

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Enjoy your tea!