Singing the brew without bread and yeast

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A long time we have not seen terribly bored, so I treat, and treat I'm in the heat of summer - kvass. But not simple! It will be without bread and yeast. In the yeast display which was now in Vogue and now it is doing almost everything and I still could not understand. You can use whatever is available. Several similar recipes on the website, but I would venture to put his own version, especially because there are significant differences. Just a few minutes of manipulation with simple ingredients, days of waiting and the favorite of many, a refreshing and healthy drink. This is also a good recycling option for sourdough, if you know what I mean.

for Lent

Ingredients for Singing the brew without bread and yeast

Step by step instruction of cooking Singing the brew without bread and yeast

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Everything is done quickly enough, so prepare in advance the ingredients. We will need another 3-liter of the Bank and the Corolla, that was easy to knead.

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In a jar put malt, sugar (2 tbsp. of the total) and rye flour. Stir with a whisk.

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Pour approximately 0.5 l of boiling water and brew the mixture in a jar. Stir with a whisk.

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Add the water to lukewarm and add yeast. Mix thoroughly.

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Add the jar to the top with purified boiled water, cover with a napkin or gauze and leave for 24 hours alone. Stir a few times. After about 12 hours kvass starts to sing: funny bubbles loudly and vocally rise up and "sing" the entire kitchen. In the finished brew, the sediment sinks to the bottom.

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Ready brew filter, pour into bottles, adding to each 10-15 raisins and cooled. Ideally, you would have to endure a few days, so the brew just tastes better.