Brew from currant

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The recipe is fundamentally different from the one posted on the website. Here steers starter. Tip: be careful with the yeast! Minor too many may give a sustained and unpleasant smell of yeast and the taste of the brew, and of additional degrees, after which the wheel is better not to sit down. If this happens, and the first brew clearly gives the yeast, and after tasting their ears the sound, and most importantly – if you this effect is not suitable, pour it, not sparing! Keep only in the Bank necessarily thick that the bottom is the yeast. Then add the same amount of berries and sugar, pour cold water and another two or three days. Then get a normal, healthy refreshing drink.

Ingredients for Brew from currant

Step by step instruction of cooking Brew from currant

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To make the starter – to take the best one and a half or even two-liter jar. Mix currants (red I twigs not removed), smash in a blender or simply mash these. Pour boiling water of approximately 700 ml.
A Cup of sugar to dissolve in hot water. Suggest cook the syrup – you could, but it seemed to me, enough to dissolve the sugar.
Mix sugar syrup and drenched with boiling water, currants. Allow to cool to a temperature of 30-35 degrees.

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Stir yeast in warm water.

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As soon as the water in the pot with currants to cool to the desired temperature, add the yeast. Cover the jar with the sourdough gauze or paper towel, leave for two days. Fermentation will be violent.

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Once the ferment has settled down, pour it into a large jar (I have 4.5 liters), add another Cup sugar, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, pour water (just cold, even from the tap) to the coat hanger and left for a couple of days.
The finished product strain through cheesecloth, pour into a plastic bottle (I got two for 1.5 litres), put in every ten raisins, resealed and leave in a cool place for another day.
In the Bank remaining the starter culture can be reused to add the same amount of berries and sugar, cover and leave for three days. Further the scenario.
And don't be thirsty!