Patissonov caviar "Olive"

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Oddly enough, but many hostesses prefer to make caviar from vegetable marrows, as not familiar with this wonderful, useful and very cute "beast" - a squash. But in vain! Prepare this delicious workpiece for the winter! Tasting of caviar from squash once, it is impossible to refuse such a delicate taste!

Ingredients for Patissonov caviar "Olive"

Step by step instruction of cooking Patissonov caviar "Olive"

Шаг 1

But first... well, I can not boast of a crop of squash! Here's one of my simpatic!

Шаг 2

Squash wash, peel and seed pulp. Cut into small pieces.

Шаг 3

Now cut the squash will be portioned stew, it is stew, not fry. I have a pot or cauldron most likely, a volume of 3 liters. 5 kg of squash I split into 3 parts. The third part I just fit in my cauldron.
And so, in a saucepan pour in 1/3 of the vegetable oil and boiling water. Spread 1/3 of the squash. Put on fire and simmer until soft and transparent. Do not forget to periodically stirring.

Шаг 4

The squash is ready allow to cool and grind in a blender.

Шаг 5

Put the mass into a bowl or other deep container. Add mayonnaise, tomato paste, pressed garlic, pepper, paprika, Khmeli-suneli, prepared mustard, salt and sugar, mix well. Put on fire, bring to a boil and cook for about 15 minutes on small fire. Then pour in the vinegar and cook for 10 minutes. Do not forget to stir.

Шаг 6

Hot eggs to spread out in hot sterilized jars, roll up. Banks to turn over and wrap until cool.
From this quantity of ingredients is obtained 7 jars with a capacity of 0.7 liters And a little more to eat.

Шаг 7

The eggs turned out just mouth-watering! What a delicious, delicious beyond words!

Шаг 8

In winter, open the jar, but with potatoes... Yes with friends for a drink...! In the morning or to the bar or even with black bread! Great!
How? Are you leaving already? Wait from me a few recommendations and tips on cooking the best caviar... suddenly they will be useful?!