Tincture "pioneer"

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Good day, dear cooks!!! I come to You today with a recipe of liqueurs my husband... the fact that my husband loves to experiment with different kind of alcoholic infusions... us at the bar kept a dozen different variants of this drink! He always adds some new ingredients, herbs, roots... conjures up in one word... And then after the allotted time all of this is filtered, tasted and carefully stored in the bar. Recently we had guests.. of Course tasted all the wealth.. And remained in the uttermost delight!!! All of this led me to the idea to share one of the recipes for "secret" of the tincture husband!!! I think the men will appreciate!

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Ingredients for Tincture "pioneer"

Step by step instruction of cooking Tincture "pioneer"

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Here are the necessary ingredients.

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All components in the list to add in a jar of vodka and stir thoroughly. That's all!!!

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You need to insist in a dark place for one month. Then carefully filter. And you can taste it!!! It is desirable in moderation and in good company!!!

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Infusion is stored for a long period of time without losing taste!