Super peanuts in the microwave

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Sorry, for simplicity, but in practice faced what many do not know that so you can marvel! But this is a godsend! Nuts roasts quickly and evenly!

Ingredients for Super peanuts in the microwave

Step by step instruction of cooking Super peanuts in the microwave

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Pour a small amount of nuts on a flat plate, spread them, put in the microwave for 7 minutes on full power (have enough power). And times 2 would have to open and stop (though not necessarily).
The nuts turn out super-duper! Rovnomerno fried and crispy! Recommend
Characteristics of the furnace: the Volume of 27l, the diameter of the tray 32, the power of microwaves 1100Вт. Well, there already based on the parameters of your furnace, consider, the smaller the power, the more time is needed.