Terrine of cold smoked fish

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I love fish, any. Want to find the perfect taste of cold smoked fish, but often run into pretty salty. What to do? Pate! Moreover, it turns out very tasty, rich, enveloping texture, fragrant and original. Very good that it is possible to use the remains of not only one type of fish, but the mix and the mix of processed cheese... Sort of pâté residues.

Ingredients for Terrine of cold smoked fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Terrine of cold smoked fish

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In fact, to describe here is nothing special. A little bit about the ingredients. Today, I have a smoked herring, a little oily fish and salmon from a set of beer. Remove all bones and skin. Cheese was canned, and instead of mayonnaise took the rest of the cheese sauce is mayonnaise-based. Mayonnaise adjust the density of the pate, so it can be take less.

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All the ingredients just punch in a blender until smooth. Stored in a jar with a lid, but a couple more days: smoked fish for sure.