Puff omelet

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Tender, flaky delicious Breakfast will give You energy for the whole day. Cook once, now the family is asking for this omelet every weekend. Watch the video recipe you can see that to make such a popular omelet is quite simple and does not require special skills or tools.

Ingredients for Puff omelet

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Step by step instruction of cooking Puff omelet

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For the filling I used a small piece of pork, but you can also use any cooked sausage or sausage.

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Brushing the pan with oil spread on her meat.

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For the first layer we need three egg yolks mixed with grated hard cheese.

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The pan diameter 22 cm, spread two-thirds of the egg mixture and give it slightly fry on a slow fire.

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In a few minutes, scaling down as shown in the video and poured the remaining third.

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The yolk is cooked at fairly low temperatures, so even if he stays slightly loose, nothing terrible, rolled up, roulade, he will have time zagotovila.

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For the outer layer, mix the remaining three egg whites with milk and salt. Whisk well and divide approximately three times, gradually adding to the pan and cook turning roll part.

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Ready Breakfast puff slice and serve hot with fresh vegetables.

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If you increase the number of eggs I do not share the trade for a few parts and just make one large omelette with lots of layers.
Bon appetit