Pickled tomatoes with mustard

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I offer my favorite recipe pickled tomato with mustard. Tomatoes are incredibly delicious when guests come over, we snack on them alone! Fermenting them easily in urban areas, and they taste the barrel.

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Wash tomatoes, greens all washed, too.

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On the bottom of the bucket put horseradish, dill, cherry. currants, cleaned garlic, if you like spicy chili.

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Spread the tomato bowl and once again put the greens and garlic and so on to the top of the bucket or until tomatoes.

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In a separate container dilute the brine, mix up well and leave to stand, the salt and mustard well dissolved.

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Mustard powder I usually buy at the pharmacy. The amount of water calculated from the amount of tomato.

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Pour brine, cover with a clean cotton towel or rag, put the oppression and leave for the balcony or in the cellar.

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Once a week propulsive towel, it will be collected in the process of ripening tomato foam and everything else.

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After three weeks, the tomatoes can be trying.

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Bon appetit!