Jam of gooseberry brandy and oregano

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Unusual jam of purple gooseberries with a touch of cognac and the flowers of oregano. This jam can simply be spread on bread and serve pancakes, pancakes or a cheese plate. This recipe is completely my author, his culinary experiment.

Ingredients for Jam of gooseberry brandy and oregano

Step by step instruction of cooking Jam of gooseberry brandy and oregano

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Jam is better to cook from dark purple or red gooseberries, or mixed with green. From one of green gooseberry taste will be quite different.

Gooseberries wash and dry. If desired, remove the tails

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Pour in water, bring to the boil and cook for 5-8 minutes so the berries become soft

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Remove from heat, pour in the cognac and add the flowers of oregano, chop everything in a blender into a homogeneous mass. If you are confused bones, then wipe weight through a sieve.

The number of flowers oregano - about a pinch or two. I added as much as in the photo

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Add the sugar, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and cook with constant stirring for 10 minutes. The jam is ready!

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Can hot jam pour into sterile banks and tighten sterile, hot lids and allow to cool under a blanket and kept at room temperature throughout the year.