Quick herring

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Dear Cooks, the site has six hundred and twenty-four recipe, which directly or indirectly relate to the word "herring", I honestly have revised everything, but this simple, versatile, suitable for river, sea, lake fish and tasty I have not found. All fish lovers are invited to your kitchen...

Ingredients for Quick herring

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick herring

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As I said - the recipe is versatile, suitable for any fish, which can remove part of the loin. Now I took the traditional fish, often used for pickling the herring and mackerel. Just want to mention - the fish is tasty, long in the refrigerator do not lie, this do at least two things. The recipe ingredients are listed at one fish weighing about three hundred grams.

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Defrost our fish, gutting, cutting the head and tail off the herring, remove the skin, wash well and dry with paper towel - it should be dry. Remove the spine and bones, stacked in a bowl, sprinkle with thirty grams of a large stone of salt from both sides, tighten with cling film (or a container with a lid) and leave on the table for one hour. About salt - if you love a salted fish, it is enough for forty minutes, if traditionally salted, in about an hour, but fans of the salty are kept in salt for about an hour and twenty.

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While fish pickles, cut the onion into very thin (as You will) half-rings, if the bow is large, quartered. Then semiring (quarter) review on a separate polyolene and top cover.

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Salted fish is thoroughly washed with water, dried with paper towels and then chop into small pieces.

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Take a jar with a capacity of 0.5 - 0.7 l on the bottom, put the onions, then the fish, then onions again, and thus fill to the top, ending with a layer of the onion. Do not tamp the sealing and not - as the falls, so let it be that the oil has completely filled all available space around each piece of content.

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Get vegetable oil, begin to slowly pour into the jar, giving the ability to completely fill the entire volume and cover the top layer of the onion. Cover and refrigerate at least three hours, preferably overnight.