Pumpkin rice porridge

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Truly autumn and very easy to prepare pumpkin rice porridge will fill your morning with warmth and comfort! You can prepare a meatless version without the addition of milk, add milk, and can generally fully cook porridge with milk. For its preparation you will not need any special skills. I long searched for such a simple recipe and only found decided to cook a little differently. All a pleasant appetite!

Ingredients for Pumpkin rice porridge

Step by step instruction of cooking Pumpkin rice porridge

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Take a pumpkin and cut off from it as much as you need for your Breakfast. I did something like that. Our pumpkin peel, cut into cubes.

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In parallel with this, put on to cook our rice. You can fully cook it in milk (I love milk!). But, for example, I had very little milk, so I until half cooked rice in water, then poured the remnants of milk and cooked until tender. It is noteworthy that in the post cereal you can just boil the water. To taste add salt and sugar, simmer, stir. When the rice is almost ready, good swell, but you have to be still enough liquid in the pot, you can safely add the pumpkin.

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Cook until rice and pumpkin, stirring the whole thing

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Pumpkin, bright, unique, delicious rice porridge is ready! Bon appetit.