Potatoes stuffed with herring

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Herring, potatoes are very tasty and delicious! The perfect combination of potatoes and herring, with extraordinary ease of preparation, make this dish Your favorite! Prepare and enjoy!

Ingredients for Potatoes stuffed with herring

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Step by step instruction of cooking Potatoes stuffed with herring

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Potatoes wash, dry and bake.

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Onions chop and fry until Golden brown in butter.

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Herring fillet finely chop, combine with fried onions and a raw egg. Add the ground black pepper.

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With baked potatoes cut off the top and choose the middle. Potatoes combine with chopped herring and onions.

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The resulting mince put into the middle of the potatoes and fry in butter until Golden brown.

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Before serving, sprinkle with herbs and pour over the sour cream.

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Bon appetit!