Snack to school in 10 minutes

57 - 10 минут -

School time and many parents scratching their heads - what do you put your child for a snack in school lunch. I want to offer one of the options fast, healthy and delicious snack, can someone come in handy.

Ingredients for Snack to school in 10 minutes

Step by step instruction of cooking Snack to school in 10 minutes

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The recipe is from the "simple, fast, useful"! The beauty of this recipe is rice flour, olive oil, yogurt and no oil in the pan, this snack looks balanced, wholesome and delicious - something that you need for the baby! It is so fast that even I do not know how to bake pancakes and the pancakes with oaths and curses, was done within fifteen minutes. Well as any mommy, I think it can do while the child washes and brushes his teeth. So let's start... Here are our not tricky products...

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Take 100 ml of yogurt, add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, mix well to repay soda. Egg, salt to taste, stir again. Begin to gradually add the flour stirring well to make a dough as for pancakes and in the end add olive oil, again mix. Grate cheese on a coarse grater, put the pan to heat up on medium heat.

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In a heated dry pan, pour it in the middle of a bit of dough, approximately the fourth part, gently spread to make a thin pancake (here started swearing!!!).

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When the top will seize, put a piece of cheese...

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Fold in half and keep half a minute on each side... the result is four pieces!!!... What a pity that in our time no such fun recipes and we ate exclusively in the school canteen, the maximum that they took with them, it is not any of the fancy sandwiches.