A hot drink of oatmeal

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What is oatmeal? It is a specially prepared oat flour. Before he did the bag of oats was thrown into the river, the grain is there engorged. Then, recline on a sieve to drain the water. Then sprinkled on baking sheets and put in the oven after bread. In an oven oatmeal dried and slightly brown. Dried thus oat grain pounded in a mortar and sown through a sieve. Hence the name "oatmeal", the word "pound". Get the product ready for consumption. It was enough to just prepare oatmeal with water or milk and can be eaten. The oatmeal did in our country, even after the revolution, Soviet industry was producing oatmeal. But then it completely disappeared from sale. And only in recent years that I began to meet him on the shelves and that is very rare. But oatmeal is a storehouse of nutrients. A drink made of oatmeal is useful in cough, colds, loss of strength, and gastritis. And just a cool day nice to warm up with something tasty!

Ingredients for A hot drink of oatmeal

Step by step instruction of cooking A hot drink of oatmeal

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Here is the oatmeal, who knows. Similar to oatmeal, but a very different flavor

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In the ladle, combine the milk and oatmeal with a whisk. Put on fire and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. The mass thickens slightly.

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Add the drink with cinnamon, honey and salt

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Pour hot drink cups and you can drink!