Cheese cakes without flour and semolina

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Want to offer a cheese sirnyky without flour and semolina (gluten free, gluten free). They do not differ in taste from the usual cheesecakes with flour or semolina. They are gentle, stable and behave well when frying. The only disadvantage in the preparation of these cakes - the stickiness of the mass. But oiled hand with vegetable oil solve this problem! Join us!!

Ingredients for Cheese cakes without flour and semolina

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Шаг 1

This fast and easy.
Cheese rubbed through a sieve.
Raisins washed, dried.
Starch always use only corn.

Шаг 2

All mixed, well mixed. Raisins added at the end.
Curd is ready.
Let stand for 10 minutes.

Шаг 3

Before forming and during, the hands definitely need to be oiled, since the mass rather sticky.
The surface on which I put the cheesecakes also better to sprinkle starch.

Шаг 4

From a given amount of cottage cheese I got 7 medium-sized cheesecakes.

Шаг 5

From the top you can also sprinkle starch. But this can not be done.
By the photos it may seem that starch lot more. But no!!! It is very light. Just a blanket and a sprinkle of cheese, it took me 10 G.
If the hands are always well-lubricated with oil, starch may take less.

Шаг 6

Form the cheese cakes in the shape of a washer.

Шаг 7

Fry in vegetable oil on medium heat on each side until Golden brown.

Шаг 8

Very convenient to flip with a silicone spatula!

Шаг 9

Syrnichki ready!!!

Шаг 10

Serve with sour cream, condensed milk, jam, jam, fresh berries.

Шаг 11

Optionally sprinkle with powdered sugar!

Шаг 12

Here are syrnichki in the middle.
And get a gentle, aromatic, moderately sweet.

Шаг 13

I hope the recipe will be useful!!!
Great mood!!!