Hodgepodge "Our"

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Viewed recipes jars with mushroom solanacee here on the Cook, I dare to add the family option. Products put the weight as copied from the notebooks of aunt in his notebook almost 20 years ago (young, I was, uh-Oh "smiley"). Every year it is kept, but the variations safely tolerate. The mushrooms were different - mushrooms, legs porcini, boletus, oyster, one year is 1 kg of mushrooms bought 200 grams of mushrooms in store (was serving a decree to leave the city hard money a little), mushrooms I just get fried and the end result was quite the mushroom, this time mushrooms. In the future it's just a salad, and a semi-finished product for the soup soups and as a side dish of complex seasoning preheat. Cabbage stays there with a light hrustenko.

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In a big pot, pour a little vegetable oil (preferably odorless, but who are both), finely chop up tomatoes and sprinkle them with a couple of pinches of salt - all pan to receive roasted "neighbors" is ready. (and, Yes, the washed jars in the oven and sterilized, then cooled them in to tolerance the fingers will all be put here as usual).

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Go! Turns cut, fry, sent in the pot: onions, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, a cabbage while the onions I sprinkled the sugar and the cabbage sprinkle with salt. Cabbage is not bring to readiness! (If not pickles (well, it is a pity for example to open a fresh jar, you can use young zucchini, but instead of roast you need in advance to finely chop and mix with half teaspoon of vinegar and solko.)

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As soon as we moved everything into the pot - turn it and stew for about 15-20 minutes, the first 10 minutes cover with a lid, but looking - if a little liquid - add a Cup of boiling water - depends on juiciness of tomatoes and cabbages, then try, if the broth seems insufficient solen-sweet - orientirueshsya for your taste buds and then have a spoonful of vinegar in a few minutes you can start packing soups for banks. Further, as all banks roll up and under the covers.