Fried calamari with beer

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Tired of boiled shrimp dedicated. I suggest to try the calamari with chili pepper. A popular Chinese appetizer. Assembled on one site. Some will have to Tinker, but I think friends will delight and surprise.

for New Yearfor 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor 23rd of February

Ingredients for Fried calamari with beer

Step by step instruction of cooking Fried calamari with beer

Шаг 1

Carcass squid cut with one hand and trimmed the rest of the chords and all the "gutterfly".
Peel garlic and ginger, garlic cut into slices, ginger - small cube.
Pepper cut diagonally, or small cubes, seeds and partitions removed. The amount of pepper depends on the love for spicy.

Шаг 2

Now the most interesting.
You can just slice the squid strips.
But we are not looking for easy ways.
Here is how in the song "all you need skill, training, workout".
Put the carcass of the squid outer side on the cutting Board and make cuts across the carcass crosswise, taking care not to cut right through the flesh. The sharper the knife the better, the smaller the step cuts - the better you get.
Then cut the squid into pieces about 4x4 cm.

Шаг 3

In boiling, salted water, put the squid and cook for a minute and a half, take out. Can there also be washed in cold water to squid immediately cooled.
Ideally, squid should curl up in a ball the size of a walnut or a tube, square on the outside.

Шаг 4

In a wok (just easier to mix, but you can in a simple frying pan) heat oil and fry garlic, ginger and fermented beans.
(On the beans. It is certainly possible without them, but they were in the original recipe. Decided to buy and try. They have a very interesting taste. Try. If I like it.)

Шаг 5

Add the soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, pinch of sugar.

Шаг 6

Warmed up and add the squid. Simmer two or three minutes, stirring constantly.

Шаг 7

That's all.
Relax and choose shrimp or squid.
You Decide.