Baked chicken fillet with vegetables

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Hello, friends! I offer you a recipe of delicious and juicy chicken fillet with vegetables - a Kaleidoscope of flavors and colors in one dish!

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Ingredients for Baked chicken fillet with vegetables

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Step by step instruction of cooking Baked chicken fillet with vegetables

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Prepare "stuffing".
Cube cut tomatoes and cucumbers. Detachable grain head. Cheese RUB on a large grater. Add to the prepared ingredients with the sour cream, stir. "Filling" ready. I don't salt it, I have enough of salinity on cucumbers and cheese (I have sour cream), You see according to your taste.

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Chicken fillet cut in half lengthways.

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Beats the meat.
Spread in a greased with vegetable oil form, salt the fillets and add pepper to taste.
On fillet put the filling. Cover with foil and send in a preheated 180 degree oven for 40-50 minutes (look at your oven, I only have bottom heating).
For 10-15 minutes until cooked remove the foil and zagotavlivayut without her.

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Chicken fillet topped with vegetables is ready! It turns out very juicy and tasty! I wish You good appetite, good mood and all the best!