Chicken under a blanket

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Tender chicken and juicy vegetables - offer to cook a simple but delicious, and rustic and hearty dish. The recipe is very simple, even for inexperienced hostess. Besides, it is not necessary to stand at the stove - everything is in the oven. The result is a full lunch or dinner.

Ingredients for Chicken under a blanket

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken under a blanket

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For a few minutes while we engaged in the vegetables, marinate the chicken in any sauce (tkemali, ketchup, mayonnaise...), I – home adjika.

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Prepare the vegetables: will Nachinaem the cabbage, cut the onion and the potatoes, grate carrots.

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Spread on the pan the chicken pieces and start to cover the "blanket" of vegetables: the first layer – onions, the second – carrots, third – sprouts of fourth – potatoes. Don't forget to salt and season each layer with herbs or ready-made seasoning. Top evenly pour "blanket" mayonnaise, diluted in boiling water. The pan cover with a lid or foil (forming a lid made of foil) and put in the oven for 60 - 80 min at T=200-220 ° C., the Readiness check with a fork.
At the end of cooking, open the lid and bake the dish until Golden brown (15-20 minutes).
Bon appetit!