Lamprey marinade

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Ingredients for Lamprey marinade

Step by step instruction of cooking Lamprey marinade

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Most importantly,to remove the mucus.For this package, poured the salt,shake up and for an hour in the fridge.
Then goes this is still an abomination.

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It is necessary to take a roll of paper towels and wipe off the fish.One thing-one towel.

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Fry in a pan with almost no oil

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We also need to prepare the marinade.Per liter of water.2st.spoons of sugar,one of salt.Pepper,
Lavrushka,2-3 cloves.

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5 minutes let the sauce to boil and add vinegar ( 6% ,half a glass),and more.Hot pour
lampreys.After cooling, clean jar in the refrigerator and after a couple of days of a lamprey ready.