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Cheesecakes "Clean pen"

Cheesecakes "Clean pen"

Well hands very clean of course not, but at least they will only breaded...

Cooking time 15 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Cheesecakes "Clean pen"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cheesecakes "Clean pen"

Step 1

Cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt stir with a spoon and gradually add the flour (to stand a spoon in).

Step 2


Step 3

Take the dough, breadcrumbs and a glass of water. The heated pan. Take drop the spoon into the water and then shake off a bit of her excess water.

Step 4

With a wet spoon take the dough and put in the breadcrumbs. When the dough starts to stick, then again a spoonful of water (I pee on every third cheesecake).

Step 5

If the dough thoroughly in the breadcrumbs and turn the balls, and then one of lepeshechki. And fry (I fry 7ke from 9)to a rosy color.

Step 6

It turns out that much. Each cheesecake is approximately 6-7cm in diameter. From sour cream with sugar for the sauce, if you have time, it can be beat. mixer. The sugar in the sauce...
Bon appetit!