Apple strudel

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I offer one of my favorite pies. Cook it very simply, it turns out always!!! absolutely delicious, one bite will never stop, the hand she reaches for more. The combination of fine crisp dough with a fragrant, delicate and juicy filling will not leave anyone indifferent! To make strudel will of Filo pastry, on the website there is already one recipe, but my preparation is slightly different, so will allow you to post your recipe, hope it be useful to many.

Ingredients for Apple strudel

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Wash the apples, if you want to clean from the skin, I didn't clean and cut into small pieces. You can cook with raisins, then you need to pour small amount of boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Butter to melt. The phyllo dough is thawed, it is better to do it in the fridge.

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In the test that I use are usually 12 or 13 pages of this number of turns 3 or 4 strudel, depending on how many sheets are laying in a single strudel. You can take 3 or 4 sheets, I did so and so, if more sheets, more puff out of it, but lately I always do with 3 sheets, because then more strudels out, and they are so delicious that you can't stop) Take one sheet and grease it with melted butter.

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The top of each oiled sheet can be sprinkled with sugar. Take the second sheet, place it on first and also grease with butter and sprinkle with sugar, etc. one or two times.

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Spread 1/4 of apples in a row, I step back a little from the edges. Spread on top of the raisins, sprinkle with sugar. The amount of sugar I did not specify, because it depends on the varieties of apples can be sour more or less.

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Sprinkle with vanilla sugar, wrap the edges and turn the loaf. Spread on a baking sheet greased with sunflower oil. Also formed the rest of the rolls.

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When all the strudels are formed, take a fork and puncture the top to do is to have a place to go hot air. Grease with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Sent in a preheated 180 degree oven for 30-40 minutes. Bon appetit!