Fried bananas. Two types

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Fried bananas. Bananas in coconut batter and bananas with honey and cinnamon. Great yummy that will appeal to children and a sweet tooth )

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For the first recipe for "Fried bananas in coconut batter"
in a bowl add flour, sugar, coconut, baking powder, egg and milk, then mix well.

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Bananas peel and cut in half lengthwise.

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Dip bananas in batter and fry from both sides.

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For the second recipe for "Fried bananas with honey and cinnamon"
bananas peel and cut into slices.

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On a heated pan put the honey, butter and cinnamon and stir.

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Add the bananas and fry on two sides, about 1-2 minutes.

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Bon appetit!