Drinks and NATURAL JUICE of viburnum

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The positive effects of berries on the body is reflected in the fact that Kalina: helps to balance blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels; regulates the bowels; has a calming effect and helps with stress; boosts immunity; promotes good blood clotting; effectively tones up and invigorates; may act as a natural diuretic and cholagogue; fights inflammation and infections. Kalina diabetes lowers the level of glucose in blood and berry useful in disease I and type II.

Ingredients for Drinks and NATURAL JUICE of viburnum

Step by step instruction of cooking Drinks and NATURAL JUICE of viburnum

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Take bunches of viburnum. Kalina is necessary to pluck from the Bush after the first frost. At this point, it is most rich in vitamins and healing properties.

Gently interrupts viburnum berries with twigs. The berries are collected in one container. wash with warm boiled water, drain well the water.

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Bon appetit!