Cherry tea with tangerine peel

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Not know dry, whether you are the cherry leaves for my tea for the winter, but if not, next year will definitely dry. Because tea is made of dried cherry leaves such an exquisite and flavorful! And if to it to add tangerine peel, it will be almost as green tea with bergamot. They are nice to enjoy at home on a winter day or to take with in a thermos. At lunch with the cheesecake - so all holiday!

Ingredients for Cherry tea with tangerine peel

Step by step instruction of cooking Cherry tea with tangerine peel

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The cherry leaves I land a summer at the cottage. Cutting shears small bunches of cherry branches, tie them, and dry in the shade in the breeze under the canopy.

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Dry the leaves carefully need to strip the branches and put in a clean, dry jar or in a paper bag. To store in the closet, closing the lid. In the light of herbs can not be stored, they lose color and flavor.

It is from these dried leaves we are going to cook tea

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I like to add to cherry leaf tangerine peel. Can orange or lemon. Tangerine but have a more delicate flavor.

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Rinse kettle with boiling water, add to it the cherry leaves and tangerine peel, pour boiling water, steep for 10 minutes.

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Tea stir with a spoon in the teapot and pour into cups.