Egg sauce for chicken

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Sauces. They make a simple dish elegant, give piquancy, aroma. I want to introduce the egg sauce and sour cream-based baked chicken, and it in addition also two sauces to the mayonnaise. It is possible to replace sour cream, yogurt or even olive oil. We could not even stay at some one. I assure you they are all delicious and very suitable to the chicken.

Ingredients for Egg sauce for chicken

Step by step instruction of cooking Egg sauce for chicken

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For egg sauce: the homemade mayonnaise, add eggs rubbed on a medium grater, greens and hot peppers - finely chopped, mustard, pressed garlic, mix well.

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The sauce is delicate and you can really taste the sharpness of mustard. Very tasty.

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Oh and two sauces with bonus. For pineapple sauce: to the mayonnaise add the chopped pineapple and bell pepper. Add lemon juice and pepper mixture, mix well.

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The sauce turned out spicy, heard the taste of pineapple and pepper, the combination is excellent.

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For vegetable sauce: in a bowl add thick sour cream (if liquid, deal it in gauze for a few hours, weight take more then). Scald the tomatoes, remove the skins and finely chop with a knife, squeeze out the liquid, add to the mayonnaise. There also add finely chopped pickled cucumber, pressed juice, pressed garlic, chopped parsley, hot pepper, mix

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The sauce turned out with a taste of tomato and cucumber, with a light taste of garlic and hot peppers. All together it was very tasty.

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What sauce you choose, decide for yourself. I recommend all three. They are not difficult to prepare and all the products are always at hand. If you substitute mayonnaise for sour cream or yogurt, add more acid and mustard. General, all according to your taste. Good luck with the tasting.