Dried garlic in the microwave, garlic powder

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Garlic powder is a great flavor and aromatic additive. Especially true in the new year's eve to have in the kitchen various spices to create unique dishes! I suggest you read my publication! Why offer to dry the garlic in a microwave? Because not everyone has drier! In the oven easy to dry large amounts of food... But for 150-200 grams of garlic do not want to "drive" for several hours is quite a powerful technique such as oven! The microwave will help us to deal with it in a matter of minutes! P/S. Not long ago I posed a question under the heading "Question-answer" about drying garlic in the microwave... never got an Answer and then began to look for information on other sources, but it is not found all over the Internet no word about this method. That's personal experience found out and share with You!

Ingredients for Dried garlic in the microwave, garlic powder

Step by step instruction of cooking Dried garlic in the microwave, garlic powder

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Peel the garlic, wash and spread on paper towel to dry excess water.

Шаг 2

A plate from a microwave oven to make silicongermanium parchment. Garlic cut into slices and spread in a single layer! I did dried garlic two times. The first time I have placed on a dish with a diameter of 28 cm 150 g of garlic, and another 180 g

Шаг 3

Sent a plate of garlic in the microwave, cook for 5 minutes at a power of 850 watts. Open the microwave and allow to come to a couple... Get a plate of garlic and hold the door open for 1-2 minutes, so that moisture is evaporated!

Шаг 4

Here is the garlic after 5 minutes. It is seen that the volume has decreased. Put the dish with the garlic back in microwave and cook for another 5 minutes at a power of 850 watts.

Шаг 5

After this time open the oven, give out a couple (this time it will be already much less). A plate of garlic extract. You can see that some of the garlic cloves are dry and some still wet.

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Garlic mix and allow to cool for 1-2 minutes. Then most dry pieces take a napkin and the rest of the garlic distributed in a single layer and put in the microwave. Power and time I recommend to adjust according to your taste from the offered two options. 1. If you want to get a darker garlic powder, digitalive at a power of 850 W for 2 minutes.
2. If you want garlic powder was lighter, then reduce power to 600 W and cook for 3 minutes.

Шаг 7

After the selected time, open the oven door, check the readiness stage, if satisfied, then retrieved the plate of garlic. Allow to cool all the cloves of garlic.

Шаг 8

Then grind them with the grinder.

Шаг 9

Garlic powder pour in dry (!) a container with a lid. Leave the spice to breathe for 5-10 minutes, and then tightly closed. All the flavor opens about an hour after the manufacture of spices!

Шаг 10

Here both results of my labors. Light and dark garlic powders prepared with two different options at the final stage. I like the dark... he dominates the aroma and taste of roasted garlic! The light is more tender and more fresh garlic aroma and taste. I use them in many dishes! From salads, ending with marinades for meat, fish and chicken! Very tasty add garlic powder to cottage cheese or homemade mayonnaise/sauce. I have this powder is stored for two weeks now and it is not damp, not pressed. The yield was 60 g garlic powder of 150 g of fresh garlic, and 72 g of garlic powder in 180 g of fresh garlic. Cook with pleasure!