Salad "Maseduan"

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I saw in the supermarket vegetable mixture "Maseduan", the title intrigued, and the composition was of my favorite foods. Decided to make a salad. Believe me - sooooo tasty.

Ingredients for Salad "Maseduan"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "Maseduan"

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It looks like the set of products.

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This vegetable mix "Maseduan".

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Anticipating questions from describe the composition of the vegetable mixture "Maseduan", which can be prepared by:
boiled carrot cubes, peas, green beans cut, green beans "flagpole" cauliflower cubes.

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Boil eggs, finely chop, pour in a bowl all of the products, add mayonnaise, mix.

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Take the crabs, cut into small pieces, fry in butter. For simplicity and for not - the name of this product, you can replace the crab sticks that you just cut.

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For serving, I took the jar from under the mixture, cut the bottom, put on a plate,

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Filled with lettuce, stamped, took to the Bank. Decorated with thin segments of the tomato and mayonnaise.