Trout with bell pepper sauce

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The dish is prepared very quickly, and for lovers of fish a godsend. However, the meat sauce will also work. Also share how to prepare pumpkin side dish., which as a self-sufficient, so it's perfect as a side dish

Ingredients for Trout with bell pepper sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Trout with bell pepper sauce

Шаг 1

Trout salt and pepper, coat with lemon juice. you can sprinkle grass for fish (e.g., thyme)
Cover and leave for 10-15 minutes (but can be longer, only then do not forget to cover and refrigerate)

Шаг 2

Pumpkin cut into cubes. ( I used a food processor the Galaxy GL2300 nozzle for cutting cubes)

Шаг 3

Garlic peel, finely chop, add to the pumpkin along with Basil and oil.
And stew under cover for about 10 minutes.

Шаг 4

Sweet pepper to clear of seeds. cut into pieces.
Add melkonarezannye garlic, a few teaspoons of water
Stew in a saucepan on medium heat for 3-4 minutes

Шаг 5

Add cream, bring to the boil.
Cool slightly

Шаг 6

Add sprigs of dill and grind all the blender. ( I used a food processor the Galaxy GL2300 the bowl with knives)

Шаг 7

Pour back into saucepan, add cornstarch, salt and pepper and cook over medium heat, stirring with a whisk for 3-4 minutes.
To remove, cover.

Шаг 8

The fish fry both sides for 2-3 minutes or bake in the oven.
Meanwhile, the pumpkin side dish is ready.
Bon appetit