Apple tea with orange and cinnamon

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Today is international tea day and I want to buy you a fragrant hot drink! Tea prepared on the basis of large-leaved black tea with Apple, orange and cinnamon. Delicious and flavorful! The sweetness can be adjusted with the honey, adding it in warm tea.

Ingredients for Apple tea with orange and cinnamon

Step by step instruction of cooking Apple tea with orange and cinnamon

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Put to boil 500 ml of water.
Orange cut into circles, then each circle cut into four parts. Sprinkle with cinnamon and leave for 5 minutes to orange soaked.
Apples cut into slices or cubes.

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If you make tea in teapot, then rinse it with boiling water, then place slices of Apple and orange. Pour the tea, pour boiling water and close the lid.
I'll be brewing in an enamel pan, which in boil water. After boiling water saucepan remove from heat, add sliced Apple and orange. Add 3 tsp. black leaf tea.

Шаг 3

Close the lid, cover with a linen cloth and leave for 10 minutes.
The tea is ready to try!