Gingerbread lamp

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Before the holidays, a hostess bake honey cakes. I suggest you do not just gingerbread but gingerbread luminary. They look impressive on the holiday table and can become an original gift.

Ingredients for Gingerbread lamp

Step by step instruction of cooking Gingerbread lamp

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Such lamps can be made from any gingerbread dough. It is important that the finished figurines had a smooth surface and well preserved form. And, of course, was delicious!
Of course, you can use your proven dough. And for those who choose this recipe, a little about the gingerbread cookies from this dough: gingerbread cookies turn out sweet, very aromatic and soft, keep their shape well. Stored in a covered container for 2 – 3 weeks, so the lights can now.

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So, let's start. In a heavy-bottomed pan put the butter, honey and powdered sugar. Heated on low heat until smooth, stirring constantly to avoid boiling. At this stage, add the spices and cocoa.

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In a separate bowl lightly beat the egg using a whisk or fork. It is convenient to do in a measuring Cup with a spout. Hot honey mixture, remove from heat, leave for 5 minutes, and then we begin to actively beat with a mixer, a thin stream of infusing the prepared egg. It is important that the egg does not curdle, so add it in several steps, without stopping work as a mixer. Long to beat, you just have to obtain a homogeneous mass. At the end add salt, soda (quenching is not necessary) and stir again.

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Gradually add the flour and begin to knead the dough first with a blender (with attachment hooks), and then manually. It is very important to add the flour gradually, not all at once, as you may need less flour than in the recipe. The exact number I can not name, because the meal can be different, but in excess it is better not to add. If flour will be less than you need (and you will understand this when baking), it can be added to the dough, but if it is more – alas, there was nothing to fix and gingerbread will be solid.

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As a result of our efforts should be very soft and sticky dough, about the same as in the photo. Put it in a bag and put into the fridge for approximately hours. During this time the dough is ripe, longer stick and it will be easy to work with.

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Take out the dough from the refrigerator and allow it to warm at room temperature for 5 – 10 minutes. I strongly advise to first make one test action figure so you can determine whether there is enough flour in the dough, and learn the baking time. Attaching the template to baked the gingerbread, you can check how much increased figure: 0.5 – 0.8 cm on each side is acceptable. If the figure is heavily blurred in the oven, so the dough in a little flour – add a little.
So, making sure that we are satisfied with the dough, roll out to a thickness of 5 – 6 mm, if necessary, slightly prisypaya flour. This thickness is optimal for the figures d =10 – 12cm (pictured is red lights). If you decide to make a big lamp (my brown d =17 cm), thickness better increase to 8 – 10 mm. Roll out the dough preferably directly on the baking Mat to avoid bringing figures. So the reverse surface of the stick will be perfectly smooth. The cut parts of the candlestick: using a self-made template or finished cutting. In the middle cut a hole for the candle, it should be 1.5 – 2 cm larger than the diameter of the candle.

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Bake workpiece at T=190*C for 8 – 16 minutes. The exact time can not be specified, it depends on the thickness and size of the figures, as well as the peculiarities of the oven. It is clear that the workpiece is larger need longer to bake. Focus on the appearance of the stick: as soon as lightly browned edges, remove it from the oven. A hot body is very soft, do not remove it from the pan immediately. Slightly warm the stick shift on a flat surface and allow to cool completely. If you did everything correctly, you will have a beautiful gingerbread with clear shapes and a smooth reverse side (as pictured). It is important not to overdo the carrots in the oven, otherwise it will be hard. Before bake all the cakes, do a single sample of the same size, you will be able to determine the baking time.

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The preparatory stage is over, it's time to do the most interesting. Using a wide soft brush gingerbread gingerbread covered with special paint and then decorate with a pattern of icing. How to do how to cook the varnish and icing you can read my recipe for "Gingerbread and the icing nail" https://www.povareno 1855/

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The icing easy to apply using a disposable pastry bag and a special round nozzle (I used the nozzles # 1 and # 2). Let the pattern completely dry.
To a large lamp with icing glue the top round part. That's all our lamps ready, it remains only to insert the candles.