Creamy scrambled eggs for a celebratory Breakfast

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As you know we've been carefully preparing for the Christmas season, and harvested products, including conservation, which we have in the house. And that's usually corn, green peas. Make salads, open banks, and the banks then only a little. Delicious, beautiful and hearty Breakfast-creamy scrambled eggs with vegetables: green peas, corn, garlic arrows, tomatoes, greens and slices of boiled meat. Easy, fast and with excellent results.

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Ingredients for Creamy scrambled eggs for a celebratory Breakfast

Step by step instruction of cooking Creamy scrambled eggs for a celebratory Breakfast

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Prepare food for the omelette. I have in the fridge were cans open with green peas and corn TM ECO and garlic canned my hands of the workpiece. Arrows will give a zest to the omelet. If not, put not required. Also I had greens, a couple cherry tomatoes, a piece of boiled meat. All will go to the cause!

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I made an omelette for two and took a number of ingredients for two. Do onlynow mixture. In a bowl break 4 eggs, pour a couple of tablespoons of cream or milk, add 1 teaspoon of starch, salt and pepper, and whisk combine. If you have kids, that pepper is not necessary, it can be done then. Put in a mixture of corn, green peas, finely chopped garlic arrows, tomatoes, greens and a little desire, some meat or sausage. Mix everything together and omlete-vegetable mixture is ready.

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Take the pan. I got a friggin D-24 see Spread on her generous piece of butter, melt it. Onlynow pour the mixture in a thin layer. She very quickly grabbed and starting to twist into the roll, leaving a "tail" of approximately 5 cm. When he reached the middle of the pan, move the roll closer to the left side and "tail" onlynow again pour the mixture. The mixture has seized, repeat the procedure a second time. The omelet is quite large.

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When it is fully twisted, for convenience, I cut in half. So convenient to finish to readiness. Diminish the fire to low, cover with a lid and Dozhivem the omelet to brown on both sides, a couple of times turning.

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Serve immediately hot or warm.

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Although it cooled great with a rich flavor.

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Scrambled eggs cooled, you can slice the rolls and serve as snacks. Example: accidentally nagryanuvshaya guests or just put on the holiday table, decorate accordingly.