Soup with beans and mushrooms quickly

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New year holidays are long and the first course no one had canceled. I want to offer you a wonderful soup, which cooked very quickly, thanks to the natural beans from the jar. This will greatly reduce the cooking time. Now there is Christmas fast and you can cook the soup not the meat broth and water. Also very important! I'll cook the soup in meat broth, which I cooked in advance, I just had boiled meat, but the broth remained. To the soup I cook in the liquid from the beans lean mayonnaise. The recipe for mayonnaise I can give the link.

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Ingredients for Soup with beans and mushrooms quickly

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup with beans and mushrooms quickly

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I took it for quick cooking of soup with a jar of canned red beans, natural beans TM Yoko. The liquid from the beans and save. From it I'll make homemade mayonnaise. It remains about 150 ml. of Beans, I had half of the banks. I used the other half in a salad. Cook vegetables and mushrooms in the soup. You can cut to your liking. I shall cut finely, cabbage, too, will not coarsely shred. The smaller, the more convenient it is in the soup from the spoon (this is my opinion!).

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This Lenten mayonnaise I make and use for a long time and this recipe is on this Maite. Here is the link:
https://www.povareno 4020/
This mayonnaise is made from liquid from the beans with the addition of sunflower oil, salt, sugar, lemon juice, absolutely no eggs!
The only thing that I added less oil sunflower. It tastes like, he's just got a little thinner, but less calories.

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You need to take a saucepan with a thick bottom, in which immediately will put out the vegetables and then cook the soup. If not, then simmer vegetables in a pan or skillet and then put in a pot of broth.
Pour oil, heat it and put the garlic finely chopped. After a minute bow. Zolotim it and put grated carrot. Stir, turn down the gas fire on low, cover with a lid and tormented for 5 minutes. Hereinafter, sliced mushrooms and 3 minutes later shredded cabbage. Mix and tormented for 15-20 minutes until almost cooked cabbage. Send red beans from the jar to the vegetables. Tormented further 5 minutes under the lid.

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Pour contents of the pan with the hot stock. If you soup will cook lean, just pour hot water from the kettle. Bring to a boil, turn down the gas fire on low under the lid and cook the soup for 10 more minutes. Add salt to taste, put the peppers and Bay leaf for 5 minutes before end of cooking. The soup is ready.

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Fragrant soup with a rich taste ready!

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Serve the soup with mayonnaise and cooked greens.

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Eat and enjoy! To all those who "can not live" without first!