Chicken "clearing"

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A delicious and elegant dinner of potatoes and chicken wings!!!

Ingredients for Chicken "clearing"

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken "clearing"

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Marinade for the chicken in the spices, garlic and mayonnaise, leave for an hour.

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Potato peel, boil, mash into a puree and add flour and egg to a greater viscosity. Here are formed the balls and put on greased with sunflower oil pan.

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In the middle of the clearing we spread our wings, I folded them into triangles, you can see it here http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/153 33/
Put our "clearing" in the oven. And bake until done.

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For a couple of minutes until cooked sprinkle chicken with grated grated cheese, in the oven let it melt.
Decorate our meadow greens, mayonnaise and ketchup.
Bon appetit!