Salad Prague with chicken and prunes

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Prunes with nuts shade seasoned mayonnaise mixture from "Olivier", providing a completely different dish. More attractive just salad "Prague" looks like Packed inside a molding ring on a flat dish or in a transparent bowl.

Ingredients for Salad Prague with chicken and prunes

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad Prague with chicken and prunes

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Cheese chop on a grater or I like using essential in every kitchen assistant, processor GALAXY.

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Eggs also grind them.

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Chicken fillet dismantle by hand or knife cut into small “shreds”. Finely chop the onion and pickled cucumber.

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To assemble the salad start with the “Foundation” of chicken. Then onion, peas, cheese, eggs, cucumber, carrots consistently, alternating with mayonnaise and completes all this splendor, contrast gloss of dried fruits and nuts!

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Decorate the salad "Prague" fluffy with a sprig of dill and serve. Bon appetit.