Salad of the sea "Svetlana"

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A wonderful salad recipe I suggested to my colleague, her name I called a salad. Very tasty, light, refreshing. Great dilutes the heavy main dishes, perfect for meat. Became one of my favorite salads.

Ingredients for Salad of the sea "Svetlana"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of the sea "Svetlana"

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The number is not specified, because in addition to onion and fennel all ingredients have to be strictly of the same size! Otherwise, such a delicious salad, as you need not work, some sort of ingredient outshine another and will be totally different taste. Connect the peas (drain the liquid) seaweed (together with brine).

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Cucumbers cut into cubes. If the peel is hard, then you need to remove it.

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Eggs boil, peel and also cut into cubes. Again I came to the aid of my food processor GALAXY GL2300. Add the chopped eggs and cucumbers into the common pot with all the ingredients. Crumble the herbs.

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Add a little oil. Season with salt to taste. Mix well.

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Bon appetit!