Homemade Burger

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Prepare perfect homemade Burger with homemade bun, grilled juicy Patty and two kinds of sauce. If you think it's hard to make something deeply wrong, we need readily available products and a little free time. Let's have a Burger party at home!

Ingredients for Homemade Burger

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Beef wash, cut into pieces, mince. Onion I shredded with a blender, so Patty will be juicier. Add salt, pepper to taste, mix well and allow to infuse for at least an hour in the fridge.

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For the white sauce, combine the yogurt with the mustard, salt and squeeze lemon juice. If desired, you can add zubchik garlic. Mix the sauce is ready.

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For red sauce, finely chop two onions, chop the garlic. Spread on a pan with vegetable oil, add sugar or honey and well fry that onions are gold. Then add wine vinegar, soy sauce Narsharab. Fry for about three minutes so all the flavors have mixed.

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Then add ketchup or tomato sauce and fry for 10-15 minutes to make the sauce ozarilsya. After five minutes, try it, add salt to taste, pepper, spices. The prepared sauce can be stored in this form, but you can grind in a blender and cool.

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Gonna marinate the onions: you can take the red, and it is possible and usual. Cut the onion into half rings, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, vinegar and I added Narsharab, if not, may not. Mix well, a little trambeam, cover and leave to marinate.

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Wet hands take the meat, place it in a plastic bag and form a Patty larger than the bun, frying it a little Garitsa. Put a package of hamburger on a plate, take the next and forming another Patty. Burgers fry the amount that you eat, continue to not need to cook, they are delicious just cooked.

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I fried the patties in a grill pan but you can fry and normal. Brush lubricated mincemeat with sunflower oil and spread on a pan. While fried one side, put some butter on top.

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Fry the patties for 3-4 minutes on both sides. At the end of cooking you can put on the Burger a slice of cheese to slightly melt.

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Cut buns in half and fry in butter cut side. So the buns are crispy, flavorful and not get soggy from the sauce.

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Assemble the Burger according to your taste. On a toasted bun spread red sauce, then lettuce, a slice of tomato, pickled onions, Patty with cheese, cucumber, pickled onions, white sauce, the second part of the bread. The ingredients you can add or remove to your taste.

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Serve immediately and enjoy the taste. Bon appetit!