Vinaigrette with seaweed

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Again! For me, all the salads, which are made with boiled beets, carrots and potatoes, called vinaigrettes. You can call your own. Suggest you try a delicious and healthy salad with seaweed which I will take instead of sauerkraut. The cucumber is fresh I have and I will add an Apple. Fill the salad with unrefined sunflower oil with garlic and Cayenne pepper. For feeding I will add a spoonful of caviar cod. The eggs can take any red including. Or not put, and put a piece of herring.

Ingredients for Vinaigrette with seaweed

Step by step instruction of cooking Vinaigrette with seaweed

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Prepare food for the salad. Vegetables: beets; potatoes; carrots cook "in uniform" or bake in foil in the oven. It can be done in advance. Throws a jar of seaweed in a colander to drain all liquid. Put the cabbage in a salad bowl. All vegetables and Apple cut into cubes. Sent to the cabbage. Connect.

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Make the dressing. In a bowl combine finely chopped garlic, Cayenne pepper (whatever your favorite pepper) with sunflower oil. I added literally one pinch of salt, that'll serve the salad with cod ROE, and it is quite salty. Salt to taste. Salt may be added to a ready-made vinaigrette, and pepper. If you have children, the pepper, the dressing is not immediately necessary.

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Dress with the vinaigrette, cover with a lid and sent to a bit in the fridge to steep. although it can be submitted at once.

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Remove the vinaigrette from the fridge.

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Served. I give to you individually, put each in small bowls. On top put one teaspoon of cod caviar. The eggs can be put any. During the holidays it is good to use the red caviar. Eggs can be replaced with chunks of pickled herring or salmon.