Bacon in brine in a jar

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Delicious and flavorful bacon in a jar with garlic and herbs, and just melts in your mouth. Sooooo long stored in a cool place. I have in the hallway under the coat rack. Well, this is assuming that you will have time to hide. When my husband tried for a long time confessed his love to me and to the fat in the brine))

Ingredients for Bacon in brine in a jar

Step by step instruction of cooking Bacon in brine in a jar

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Washed and dried the bacon cut in slices with a width of 5 cm and a length of 8-10 cm, the garlic cut into plates. Stacked in a jar layers: garlic-black pepper (peas 8-10, allspice 3-4 peas, 2 small Bay leaves-broken into 4 pieces each, 1 sprig of dill, then fat (edge, sandpaper sideways), then - repeat, pepper, garlic, Bay leaf, sprig of dill). Fat stacked tightly.

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Prepare the brine: In warm water, add salt, stir to dissolve (I have almost all the salt went). To verify that you have enough salt, you can use raw eggs to dip it in brine. It should not sink. If you think that too much salt - don't worry. Fat take as much as he wants. 3 3-liter cans and 1 bowl was the following proportions: 1 packet of salt (1 kg) in 4 l of water. Brine dispersed whole (about 2.5 l)

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Pour warm (40-45 degrees) brine the fat in the Bank. It is important that the brine is evenly distributed across the Bank (no air) - to do this, drop the knife into the jar and along the wall, where we see space with the air, with a knife gently pressing the fat from the side, the air produced. Roll.

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I usually sterilize banks in the oven and close the sterilized lids.

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Leave for 3 days in a warm place, then moves them in a dark place for storage-if it is cool is a big plus. I just live in the hallway locker. Opened cans keep in the refrigerator. If you haven't eaten for weeks - on bags and in the freezer.

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Fat can be eaten after 3 days.

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This time, I conducted an experiment - not sterilized jars and lids (jars and lids-from beneath draft beer))). It's been 6 days-nothing stood out, the color of the fat and the brine is so beautiful.