Egg rolls with lobio in Georgian

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Rolls of egg pancakes are ready lobio TM FRAU MARTHA. Quick, tasty, spicy. A great snack for accidentally nagryanuvshaya guests or just for guests and of course your sweetheart.

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Ingredients for Egg rolls with lobio in Georgian

Step by step instruction of cooking Egg rolls with lobio in Georgian

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Take what is useful to us. Knead the dough for egg pancakes. I'm going to do 2 damn D-24 cm and use in the stuffing 0,5 banks are ready lobio-Georgian TM on FRAU MARTA. Delicious, spicy lobio I will speed up the cooking time of egg rolls, which very occasionally need. For example when you come to unexpected guests, and you have in the fridge there is always a jar of this lobio and eggs.
Break eggs into a container, add milk, flour and a pinch of salt.

Шаг 2

Hand whisk whisk into a homogeneous mass. Baked egg pancakes. Of this amount, the test will work 2 damn D-24 cm Made the pancakes very quickly. Heat the pan, brush with oil, roll it and pour a thin layer of smooth dough. Egg pancakes very quickly grasped and easily turned over.

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Remove the pancake on a suitable diameter of the plate. Spread lobio-po-gruzinski as much as it will be convenient to wrap the pancake with him in the roll. On top sprinkle chopped parsley and turned the loaf. Cut nicely and the rolls.

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For feed rolls put in a nice platter, pour a little top with sauce from the jar, sprinkle more parsley and decorate with walnuts and lime. It is optional. Decorate according to your taste.

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Very quick and tasty snack.