Raspberry mousse in a chocolate basket

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Offer to cook your sweetheart a delicate and fragrant dessert: raspberry, chocolate, whipped cream... Dessert portion, so you can do with the stock, enough for everybody. I'm sure it's a treat for both adults and children.

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Ingredients for Raspberry mousse in a chocolate basket

Step by step instruction of cooking Raspberry mousse in a chocolate basket

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I cooked two servings of dessert, and all the products I have designed for this number. For dessert I'll be in a chocolate basket, so at first it'll do. We will require any vessel suitable in size and shape. I got these ramekins – they will be the basis for the basket. To begin to put the forms in the freezer.

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Food on film will draw a circle the diameter equal to the bottom of the form + two height sides. Flip the tape to the other side and lightly coat it with vegetable oil (I use a cotton pad). Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave – whatever you like. Hot chocolate will cover the drawn circle. This can be done using a pastry bag or just spoon. You can do everything symmetrical and tidy, but I wanted to give a bit of negligence, emphasize "home cooking", so the chocolate I just smeared it with a spoon. Let chocolate cool slightly and slightly thicken.

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Get the form from the freezer and gently move the film with a chocolate circle on an inverted form. Put them in the freezer for 5 minutes.

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The chocolate is completely frozen. Carefully remove it from the form and release from the film. Here are the baskets we have. Now they can be filled with any filling you want.
I'll prepare the raspberry mousse.

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Part cream (50 ml) warm but not boil. Into the cream, add the gelatin and stir until dissolved. I have instant gelatin, it does not require pre-soaking (if you have a different gelatin, follow these instructions). If desired, the mixture can be strained through a strainer.

Шаг 6

Raspberry puree add to the cream with gelatin and mix well until smooth.

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The remaining cream beat with a mixer until weak peaks, adding the powdered sugar. In two steps to introduce them in a mixture with raspberries (previously it needs to cool to room temperature) and gently stir with a spatula movements from the bottom up.

Шаг 8

Raspberry mousse is ready. It turns out very airy, with a pleasant acidity, and holds its shape well.

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Fill baskets with chocolate using pastry bag with nozzle, or simply with a spoon. Decorate at will.
Bon appetit!