White fish braised in mushrooms and cream

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Fish, stewed with wild mushrooms and cream can brighten any dinner. If you already welded mushroom soups, sauces done, napajeni pies with mushrooms, and the quantities of mushrooms from the freezer do not stop, you can try another option. The idea came from Yulia Vysotskaya, but with its own modifications with respect to the local flavor. Help yourself!

Ingredients for White fish braised in mushrooms and cream

Step by step instruction of cooking White fish braised in mushrooms and cream

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Start with the mushrooms. I thawed mushrooms (water from under mushrooms don't pour!) and I realized that they are not enough. So we added the same amount of brown mushrooms. Ideally, of course, only a noble forest mushrooms - boletus, aspen, mushrooms. But in the absence thereof it is possible to take and store, but then it would be good to add the mushroom powder (grind dried mushrooms). In General, coarsely chop the mushrooms. Kids in General were left intact. Mushrooms to spare, there should be many, not for the smell.

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Pour into the pan vegetable oil and add a knob of butter.

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Finely chop any negorci shallots, red or white. Dump into the pan, fry until transparent and add the chopped garlic.

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After a couple of minutes add the sliced mushrooms, season with salt, sprinkle a little dried thyme and pink pepper. Give the mushrooms a little ozolotilsya. Cover don't cover.

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Now about the fish. Suitable fillet any white fish - Dorado, sea bass, burbot, flounder. I have 2 small river some salmon. As a whole weighed less than a kilo. And removing the bone, left 600 grams

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Once the mushrooms are browned on one side, put the mushrooms on top of fish skin side up. Gently sprinkle with salt and pepper the fish. You can sprinkle it with vegetable oil.
Now the liquid to extinguish. I mixed water from Ryzhikov (sorry to spill) and soy sauce. Poured gently into the pan under the fish, added a bit of wine, covered with a lid and left to prepare. It will take about 15 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. The trick is that the fish is lying on the mushroom pillow and not the pan.

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After 15-20 minutes check the fish and pour the cream. You can even sprinkle with thyme or put a few sprigs whole.

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Leave on low heat until boiling cream. Then turn off and leave under the lid for a few minutes without fire.

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While fish buhteli under cover, in a parallel world were boiled potatoes on the side. This is optional, if desired.
And I potatoes cut in small cubes and let her be soft after boiling as it should, then merged and added dill and spicy mushroom butter (butter, finely chopped mushrooms, garlic, chives and a few drops of truffle oil in the freezer). I brag about...

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Well, in principle, all can serve!
Bon appetit!