Salad "poppies"

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Beautiful, delicious salad "poppies" with smoked chicken breast. It turns out juicy with a fresh taste of the tomatoes and all the ingredients go great together! On the eve of women's day will be important is the design in the shape of a flower)

Ingredients for Salad "poppies"

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Step by step instruction of cooking Salad "poppies"

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Smoked breast and canned mushrooms cut into cubes. Also cubes chop the tomatoes. Grate cheese on a fine grater, green onions finely chop.

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The first layer is chicken breast, then the mesh of mayonnaise. Next, a layer of mushrooms, sprinkle with green onions - mesh of mayonnaise.

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Next a layer of sliced tomatoes, to prisolit and a layer of mayonnaise is applied on all sides, well-lubricated. Next, sprinkle the salad with grated cheese on all sides. Trim, shape.

Шаг 4

Decorate with slices of tomato, sliced fairly thinly. Formed of them a poppy flower, and decorate the edges of the salad.

Шаг 5

In the middle of the flower poured a little poppy, but the leaves make dill.

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Bon appetit!