Guacamole avocado and bell pepper

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I like different pates, spreads and dips. Guacamole sometimes. This time I got is not green, and orange. Eat it with flat bread, which I baked in a frying pan. Me and my men this appetizer liked. Spicy and aromatic.

Ingredients for Guacamole avocado and bell pepper

Step by step instruction of cooking Guacamole avocado and bell pepper

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Ingredients - avocado, bell
peppers, lemon and lime.

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Avocado cleaned. I have two
different varieties. One green
and the other is very ripe,
brown. Cut them in
chopper small
pieces. Top squeezed
the lemon and lime juice. A little
shredded. Cut 100 g
from each color pepper. Put
leaves from two sprigs of Basil.
Added the garlic cloves.
Poured red pepper
sweet, spicy, coriander and salt.
Poured oil. Well shredded.
The color of the guacamole turned out orange.

Шаг 3

For food with guacamole baked in
the pan cakes. Water-250 ml
flour-400 g, salt-0,5 tsp Flour
is different, so look
on dough consistency. From the test
made a small bun.
Them with both sides rolled in flour
and thinly roll with a rolling pin.
The pan is well warmed up
and baked cakes. During
baking they look like
ball. Pellet tore hands
and eat dipping in guacamole.
Delicious! My sons and I
I like everything spicy!