Decoration of Easter eggs toothpaste

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If you do not find beautiful decorative eggs at Easter, or, for obvious reasons, can't go to the store and buy beautiful stickers, this way of decorating will rescue you! Surely, all homes will find the tube of toothpaste?

for Easter

Ingredients for Decoration of Easter eggs toothpaste

Step by step instruction of cooking Decoration of Easter eggs toothpaste

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First need to boil hard-boiled eggs, then dye it with any dye.

I used powder food coloring from the Easter set.
For dyeing this dye you need into a container pour 250 ml of hot water, add a package of dye, pour 2 tbsp of vinegar, stir until dissolved. Then, in the solution to drop hard-boiled eggs for a few minutes. The longer the eggs in the solution, the darker will be the color After which the eggs must be removed from the solution with a spoon, put on the stand and allow to completely dry.

If you do not like powder paints - color of the eggs is traditionally onion skin and paint white toothpaste

Шаг 2

For decoration you can use any toothpaste. Though pure white, though "striped" as I have. With "striped" paste the picture turns out interesting.

If you are using white pasta, I recommend to paint the eggs in a darker color to look different.

Шаг 3

It's simple - take a brush and apply any drawing toothpaste.

No brush - take a cotton swab

Шаг 4

I painted the simple flowers. Can one in the center...

Шаг 5

... or a few across the surface of the eggs

Шаг 6

Carefully place eggs in a cell and let the toothpaste dry for about 15 minutes.

A little tip: if after drying, apply the toothpaste with another layer, then the pattern will look more voluminous

Шаг 7

Now brush on toothpaste in the center of the flower

Шаг 8

Pasta is still raw, sprinkle the center with confectionery sprinkles

Шаг 9

The grit will stick to raw toothpaste, and when the paste is dry, the sprinkles will stick. Only should be spread "fatter" because of the toothpaste can be absorbed into the shell.

If there are no sprinkles in the course, you can put black sesame, buckwheat, crushed pepper... all that was at hand. You can break with your hands the Bay leaves into small pieces - will also be a beautiful topping.

Шаг 10

Now you need to give the eggs to dry completely. It's about a couple of hours.

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Bright spring decor at no additional cost! Connect to decorate eggs kids - they will love it!

Happy Easter and stay healthy!