Eco-decor Easter eggs

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If you are a supporter of eco-style in the decoration of the house, this method of decoration of Easter eggs you will like it. The idea of decorating eggs for Easter cereals is not new - the whole Internet is full with photos of similar decorations. Will show you what happened to me. You'll need some eggs, paste, brush, and any grains and spices.

Ingredients for Eco-decor Easter eggs

Step by step instruction of cooking Eco-decor Easter eggs

Шаг 1

Here is our decoration is everything that you can find in the kitchen cupboard.

I used:
dried herbs
corn grits
black wild rice
buckwheat flour
pink pepper
Bay leaf
mustard seeds

Шаг 2

In order for all this to stick to the eggs need to cook the starch or flour paste. For this purpose, the starch (the flour), mix in 3 tbsp of cold water. The remaining water boil and thin stream pour the diluted starch (flour). Boil while stirring until thick. The paste should be quite thick.

Шаг 3

Eggs pre-hard boil and cool in cold water. Remove from the water and allow to dry thoroughly.

The decor is that we need to spread the egg paste and to the paste to glue the cereals, greens, cereals or spices. Well, what kind of drawing you do - here is your imagination.

Шаг 4

I did a half of an egg smeared with paste and dipped in dried herbs

Шаг 5

The other half smeared with paste and dipped in buckwheat flour

Шаг 6

The front smeared with glue and sprinkled pink pepper and wild rice. Still stuck a Bay leaf.

Шаг 7

Be creative and decorate the eggs to your taste. Here are a few options that I did.

The balls need to give a well dry (leave them on the night stand). The decor is glued pretty good, you only need to smear the paste liberally. The smaller the pellets the better and stronger it sticks. But some part still a little may crumble when you take the egg then hands.

Met on the Internet that glue cereal on PVA glue, but I think it's incompatible with edible things. PVA can be used only in the case if you decorrelate eggs not for eating, but just for table decoration.