Fish rolls with vegetables

72 5 / 5 60 минут 4 порции

Delicious, soft mini rolls, near the decoration "BULL" tomato

Ingredients for Fish rolls with vegetables

Step by step instruction of cooking Fish rolls with vegetables

Шаг 1

Grate carrots,onions cut into cubes

Шаг 2

fry the onion after the carrots

Шаг 3

Separately, coarsely chop the greens,put out under the lid

Шаг 4

After fried greens beat with a blender,season with salt and pepper,add a pinch of citric acid, garlic

Шаг 5

Make the batter

Шаг 6

fish slices lay a lot of greens and vegetable filling,roll turn,roll slightly in flour,in batter

Шаг 7

pour vegetable oil in the pan,a little heat and fry the rolls

Шаг 8

with 2 sides

Шаг 9

Of lettuce (chopped) cushion, unfold the rolls.
Delicious either hot or cold.