Echoes Of Easter

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For this recipe I was inspired by the reluctance of his wife and daughter are Easter eggs. Fun to fight, and boiled egg we don't. Not disappear as good) I decided to make a salad that exactly three of us satisfied. Post the recipe for the first time in my life. For a photo do not judge strictly.

Ingredients for Echoes Of Easter

Step by step instruction of cooking Echoes Of Easter

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Boil the rice until tender in salted water, discard in a sieve to drain liquid. Saury extract from a tin and mash in bowl. Alternately, cut small dice the eggs and pickles together with rice to throw in the salad bowl. Finely chop onion, add to bowl.

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To open a can of peas, drain the liquid, send in a salad bowl jar, add a bit of mixed spices and mayonnaise. Mix well. Refrigerate 30 minutes then serve.

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Put in a bowl to serve and to call all to the table.