Garlic powder

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A very simple recipe for harvesting of garlic for future use.

Ingredients for Garlic powder

Step by step instruction of cooking Garlic powder

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The garlic cloves cut into thin slices/pieces. The baking sheet cover with paper towels, put garlic slices in a thin layer. To put to dry with a dry, warm place, if you have dehydrators, the process can be accelerated.

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Dried garlic slices minced with chopper, if you do not have a large amount of garlic, you can use the grinder.
Sift the garlic powder. Larger pieces can be added to the harvesting of dried carrots, onions, herbs. Small, utoobisnwo structure, add in the salt, or leave them as self-refilling for cooking baking, etc.

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I would like to say a few words about the harvesting of garlic for future use. When the dried garlic slices were grinded using the grinder to powder, I decided to expand the list of recipes use garlic powder. Garlic powder (larger pieces that turned out when you filter), I added to a mixture of dried carrots and herbs make a great seasoning for soups and sauces (in the jar in the photo). Garlic powder can be added to salt, in this recipe I added garlic powder pink Himalayan salt. When cooking mashed potatoes, I did not add regular salt to taste, and only slightly added some salt. And when applying puree, added a bit on top/sprinkle with a mixture of garlic powder and pink Himalayan salt. Turned out very flavorful because of the garlic powder not subjected to heat treatment and retains its natural taste and smell. Like this recipe of mashed potatoes with the use of garlic powder I liked. In my opinion, when cooking fried potatoes, this, too, will be very good.
Experiment, try, and perhaps you will like it, too. Furthermore, garlic powder can be added to dough in the preparation of various bread rolls for soup, the stewed vegetables, grub, etc. the Powder has a light structure and small in baking will not be noticeable, but the smell and taste of such cakes will have no doubt.